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Welcome to the Informational Website of Oazis

Founded in the year 1974, for more than 30 years, Taiwan Oazis has thrived from originally a mold development and plastic injection shop, to now a multi-factory with a diverse portfolio covering PCB, plastic injection parts, advanced optical parts, and full line LED packaged components. Today, Taiwan Oazis has become equipped with a broad spectrum of competence consolidating practically all aspects of LED technology, as the one among manufacturers with the highest degree of vertical integration in the industry.1

Well diversified yet strategically deployed, Taiwan Oazis vertically incorporates all sectors of LED value chain: from the upstream dice and wafer, PCB and plastic parts in the middle, design and tooling, all the way to the down stream packaging and assembly process for LED products, with product offering that comprises of:

 1. 7 Segments (numeric) and 14 Segments (alphanumeric)
2. Customized LED Display Components
3. Through hole LED Lamps
5. Super Flux LED (Piranha)
6. Assembly LED Lighting Products

Agility And Velocity

The strategy of vertical integration is meant to facilitate “mass-customization”, to provide their customers unique advantages of:

 1. Fit from the first time precision, by the integral engineering;
2. Quick response to various customer demands and design changes;
3. Agile reflex to the market situation, and;
4. Ultimate quality control with the minimal parties involved, and;
5. The utmost cost efficiency by the minimal layers from factory to the field.

Certified Quality

Certified by both ISO 9002 and ISO/TS16949, daily production outputs from the factory’s automated lines are sampled and subjected to a series of grueling life tests in their own in-house lab, covering:

1. Vibration test,
2. High temperature / high humidity climate test,
3. Thermal shocking / thermal cycling test, pic5
4. Die-and-Wire Shear test
5. Encapsulation material TG test
6. Re-flow and solderability test
7.Aging, and burn-in tests (per customers’ requirement and specified criteria);to ensure their
reliability profile exceeds the highest industrial standard.

Vision And Victory

With pioneering vision, Taiwan Oazis was among the few first Taiwanese companies to establish manufacturing facilities in China, in the early ‘90’s. Today, its three factories in south China employ total, 1960 people, which comprises a management by both Taiwanese and Chinese talents, more than 30 R&D engineers, quality assurance staff of 60, and a highly efficient and well trained work force of more than 1,800 operators. All teamed up to deliver the best in class product quality, shortest lead time for product development, maximal flexibility, and ultimate competitiveness in today’s uncertain market.

Truly different, and all there for you

From its Headquarters in Taoyuan, about 20 minutes from the CKS international airport,Taiwan Oazis coordinates with its factories in China and logistic center in Hong Kong, and its five Branches in Taiwan and China, to provide customers non-stop service and real time supports for product enquiries and production and delivery matters.