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Company Philosophy

Taiwan Oazis Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1974 by Mr. Ming Shun Lee and gradually established factories of plastic molds, plastic injection and LED. They hold on to ordinariness, reliability, growth and innovation as company philosophy. They not only make products that are competitive and being a global leader in the field of LED, plastic, communication and optoelectronic parts.

Quality Control

Quality demand is a ultimate goal for Taiwan Oazis Technology. They make quite amount of investment on human resource and equipments to control product quality. They set standards on examination, sample program and appraisement to improve product standard, as well as act the concept of OQuality Wins ReputationO to constantly ensure high standard and satisfy market demand and attain the goal of high quality.


Products of Taiwan Oazis Technology Co., Ltd. are distributed in five continents all over the world. They provide full service to fulfill customers’ needs in no time. It is one of the important works they do. Their experts regularly collect market trend and information so that they can offer a competitive price to customers. They actively attend many worldwide shows to get further understanding on customers’ practical needs so that they are able to provide the quickest and most complete services to local customers.

Research And Developmentphil-b

Taiwan Oazis Technology Co., Ltd. not only acquired a structure patent on assembled exchangeable plastic injection mold and a packaging patent on new modeled compact disk, they also actively research and develop optoelectronics such as SMD LED, Blue,White & Pure Green lamp LED packaging and LED traffic signals. In addition, they obtained patents on LED Double Layered plastic injector and mold that automatically cuts off scrap materials.
In order to meet the demand in future market, Taiwan Oazis Technology will continue making efforts to develop LED PT/IR, DISPLAY, DOT MARTRIX, Blue,White & Pure Green lamp LED, mobile phone accessories , LED traffic signals and relative devices of high extra value to make outstanding performance in the market.